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Future of banking: Live announces events on digital banking in three continents

Amsterdam, October 17th, 2019 - Online media company Dun Media announces three events aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs in the space of digital banking. Future of banking: Live is a next step for the company in their mission to create an ecosystem for challenger banks. 

With events in Sydney (Australia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and New York (United States)  in 2020, a first step is being made towards long term impact on the market.

Three continents, three topics

Although more information will be released gradually up until the ticket sale starts in December 2020, the organisation states each event will be focussed on a specific topic. For Sydney, Amsterdam and New York respectively, the topics are:

  • The Australian digital banking market
  • Suppliers of challenger banks: A buyers guide
  • International neobanks entering the US market

Dates and additional information

You can always refer to our home page for a recent overview of dates and information. The dates for the three events in 2020 are:

  • April 9th: Sydney, Australia
  • May 12th: New York, USA
  • June 15th: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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