insha is the mobile banking service that puts moral values first. With a range of innovative products integrated into its app, insha is for everyone who cares about what their bank does with their money. As a digital banking solution based on strong moral principles, insha offers tools that help its customers achieve their saving goals (inSave), gain insights into spending behaviour (inSight), transfer money abroad for little cost, and donate easily to charities of their choice (inShare). With offices in Berlin and Istanbul, insha is regulated by EU authorities and fully backed by Albaraka Türk, Turkey's first participation bank.

What is insha’s mission?

insha’s mission is to promote an ethical approach to digital banking, that supports clear values and moral principles - regardless of religious backgrounds and open for all. insha empowers individuals to do good in the world and stay connected with the people and causes they care for. In one easy-to-use app, users can manage their finances, donate to charity, transfer money abroad, and get motivation for building savings.

What is insha’s vision?
insha’s vision is to shake up the industry by challenging the contemporary approach to banking. By offering a mobile-first application rooted in values of sustainable and value-based banking, insha combines strong principles with modern technology and empowers users to manage their finances in a way that creates value to them and others.



Yakup Sezer

Managing Director at Insha

After graduating from Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2009, Yakup Sezer continued his studies in the field of entrepreneurship. The various roles that he took in consultancy, e-commerce, and software sector he gained experience. In 2003, he joined Albaraka Türk as the Strategic Projects Manager, and later in February 2017, he became the Business Excellence and Innovation Director of Albaraka Türk. With this, he led innovative projects in the banking sector such as Big Bang, Keşfet, Albaraka Garage, insha, Alneo, NakitBasit, Albaraka RPA, and Albaraka API. Sezer contributed greatly to the digital transformation of the financial sector. He established Europe's first interest-free digital bank insha. With Alneo he managed to bring a breath of fresh air to the pos industry, giving Albaraka, a participation bank, an entrepreneurial corporate identity.

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Marcel van Oost
FinTech advisor

Pawel Oltuszyk
Co-Founder of Frost

Edyta Sliwinska
Co-Founder of Frost

Clay Wilkes
CEO of Galileo

Santiago López Segovia

Ibrahim Khan
Co-Founder of

Akmal Saleem
Co-Founder & CEO at Rizq

Sami Haddad
Global Head of Fintech at Z-Tech

Kimberley Waldron
Co-Founder of SkyParlour PR

Alex Schoonkind
Head of Customer Success & Growth Europe at FORM3

Eduard Panteleev
Co-Founder and CEO at ANNA Money

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Iñigo
Head of Uber Money | Latin America

Ryan Finneran
Director, Investment Operations at MoneyLion

Arjun Thyagarajan
Co-Founder and CEO at Wise

Jennifer Harrison
Partner, Reputation Edge

Dr. Oliver Prill
CEO at Tide

Matteo Concas
Founder of Penta

Eileen Burbidge
Partner at Passion Capital

Shachar Bialick
Founder and CEO of Curve

Devin Kohli
Co-Head of Outward VC

Isabel Woodford
Fintech journalist at Sifted

Max Schertel
Director Of Business Operations at N26

Thiago Dias
VP Fintech Strategy, LAC at MasterCard

Kam Chana
Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation - Infinity - Temenos

Norris Koppel
Founder and CEO of Monese

Philipp A. Pohlmann
Country Manager at Qonto

Louise Hill
Co-Founder and COO at Gohenry

John Locke
Partner at Accel

Yazan Atari
Founder of ESAL Digital Bank

Miguel Armaza
Wharton Fintech Podcast Host

Mark Hipperson
Founder & CEO at Ziglu

Ali Abdulkadir Ali
Founder of Niyah

Miroslava Betinova
Head of Strategic Sales at PPS

Areeb Siddiqui
Founder and CEO of Kestrl

Gerrit Glass
Head of Banking at Nomad

Babs Ogundeyi
CEO of Kuda

Jacobo Miralles Ortiz
Country Manager Mexico at Bnext

Yael Israeli
Co Founder & CFO at Mozper

Ben Soppitt
Co-Founder and CEO of Unifimoney

Amir Nooriala
Chief Strategy Officer at Callsign

Daniel Bergman
CEO of MovilePay

Marvin Bonhomme
CEO of VissagePass

Miraskar Mirakhmedov
Founder of the Gregfins

Ed Robinson
President and Co-Founder of Stash

Amir Fardghassemi
Co-Founder of Jingle Pay

Sandipan Chakraborty
Founder and CEO of SONECT

Sergio Jimenez Amozurrutia
CEO & Founder at Flink

Joe Percoco
Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Titan

Tory Jackson
In-Country Manager, Mexico at Galileo

Yakup Sezer
Managing Director at Insha

Dominic Pym
Co founder at Up

Jim Bakoume
CEO at Betaremit

Remco Veenenberg
Head of Alliances at W.UP

Oliver Bussmann
CEO & Founder of Bussmann Advisory

Raman Korneu
Co-founder and CEO of Travel Union

Jeremy Berger
Co-Founder and COO at Arival

Olga Kazmina
Director of marketing and growth at Zelf

José de la Luz
CEO & Founder of

Elliot Goykhman
Founder and CEO of Zelf

Jeroen de Bel
Founder of Fincog

Steve Weston
Co founder & CEO at Volt

Rik Coeckelbergs
Founder of The Banking Scene

Robert Bell
CEO at 86 400
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